Master these exciting and addictive mini games to help King Phero save the lovable Geemies!

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Exercise your brain and your senses in Bungee Mummy Challenges! Each challenge requiring a different skill-set and style of gameplay – whether its tap and shoot, bungee launch, swing with precision or swipe to cut and drop. The difficulty of the challenges quickly picks up momentum – can you be crowned King or Queen of the challenge?!

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King or Queen of the Challenge

King of The Bungee Mummy Challenges

Our creators, the Steampunk Wizards, love blurring the real world with the digital world.

For this reason, every week, the one player with the highest score on the global leaderboard in each challenge will be crowned the true King or Queen of the Challenge in the real world!

The Challenges Ahead


Bungee launch yourself towards the trapped Geemies to help them escape their cages! Collect the golden cages to get another chance. You’ve only got three chances to save them, so don’t miss!


Provide valuable supplies to the escaped Geemies by dropping the crates into the carts at just the right time. There are a limited amount of supplies so be sure your timing is perfect, we can’t let the Geemies go hungry!


Test your accuracy as you smash snakes and scorpions to gain more time to save the Geemies! Be careful! The Geemies are an inquisitive bunch and are often in wrong place at the wrong time. How many snakes and scorpions can you smash before the time runs out?


Use Phero’s unique bandage slinging abilities to survive the Wheel of Misfortune. Collect scarabs to gain points but beware! Structures are not as safe as they appear and the wheel is rigged with booby traps!

Meet the Crew

King Phero

The leader of the land, loved and respected by his people, the Geemies. Chosen by the Wizards themselves to be a beacon of light in times of darkness. Destroyed by the evil Solark, and brought back as the Bungee Mummy you see before you. Phero will stop at nothing to rescue his people. Not even death itself can stop the true King.


Madu is the loyal and loving servant of King Phero. He will do anything in his power to help, carrying his lamp through the dark and treacherous paths of Hagareem, ensuring he lights the path to victory through challenging and perilous missions. Without Madu at his side, the world would be a cold and dark place!

Meet the Geemies

The Geemies

The Geemies, my oh my, where do we start? The heart and soul of Hagreem, the people of the land. An inquisitive race that thrive at being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now found deep in the caves and temples cleaning their ears or twiddling their thumbs. After a century long game of hide and seek, their wings have shrunk and their bellies have grown. With big smiles and a mischievous grin, the Geemies know that their true King will save them.

Bungee Mummy Enemies

The Pests

In a world of poorly lit temples and crevices in caves, dark dwellers have learned to rule the lands. In days of old the Snakes and the Scorpions meant no harm, but are now tired of being disturbed and attack when awoken. As our Heroes venture deeper into their world, the Snakes and Scorpions become restless and the word spreads…. “Stop them before they wake us all!”

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Download Bungee Mummy from Google Play for Android Smartphones and Tablets
Download Bungee Mummy from the AppStore for iOS Apple iPhone or iPad

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